Jason is one of Hong Kong's brightest young talents in the beauty industry with an exquisite eye for detail.  He has always had an unrivaled passion for his work and his greatest desire is not just to meet, but to exceed his clients expectations. His strong and growing clientele base are a testament to the regular fulfillment of this desire.

Jason has a youthful energy and describes his own style as casual and heavily influenced by an eclectic mix of retro cultural figures. This is mirrored in his attitude towards beauty, that he believes should be something that is imperfect.  He upholds an 'everyday' aesthetic with an approach that isn't overdone, but has simple, honest beauty.

Jason cites trust and communication as paramount in the client consultation process. He strives to find the perfect balance between the day to day requirements of the client and the creative vision of the stylist.  For him, every haircut should be long-lasting and the process and product rewarding for all. His consistent eye for detail and thorough engagement with the individual needs of his clients ensure the best possible results.

Jason was born and raised in Hong Kong and speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.  He trained with one of Hong Kong's premier salons, Kim Robinson.  He comes to Chandler ready to apply his youthful creative energy in the next chapter of his career.